Emperor Asoka is known as Piyadasi (in Pali) or Priyadarshi (in Sanskrit) meaning “He who regards everyone with affection". All his inscriptions have the imperial touch and show compassionate loving. He addressed his people as his "children".

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Conservation of Ecology & Protection of Global Environment

Awareness on Energy conservation and renewable energy sources, World Earth Day and Environment day celebration

The last century has seen an unmanageable increase in population, placing a tremendous burden on natural resources. There is not enough food for the world’s hungry. Also, the earth itself is worn out due to excessive farming, use of chemicals and pesticides and excessive use of ground water. Water resources are badly polluted and emission of toxic fumes from industry and vehicles has deprived us of clean air. Industrialization and a growing consumer economy have led to the creation of huge metabolizes with their problems of indisposed garbage and uncontrolled sewage. Most leaders of industry, too, have been lacking in a social conscience. They have exploited our country’s resources and polluted our earth, water and air. Public apathy has not helped either. The opening up of our economy and globalization has put a greater pressure on our resources, further vitiating our fragile eco-system. The productive lands, especially the forests lands in Kolli Hills, Namakkal district are in constant process of various degrees of degradation and are fast turning into wastelands. The following are activities which FHSM has decided to undertake:

  • In situ soil and moisture conservation measures like trenching, terracing, vegetative barriers etc
  • Planting and sowing for multi-purpose seeds like trees, shrubs, grasses, legumes and pastures
  • Encouraging natural regeneration, and development of medicinal plants
  • Promotion of agro-forestry and horticulture
  • Wood substitution and fuel wood conservation measures
  • Awareness raising, training and extension
  • Encouraging people¡¦s participation through community organisation and capacity building
  • Development of small water harvesting structures
  • Afforestation of degraded forest and non-forest wasteland
  • Development and conservation of common property resources

National Environment Awareness Campaign 2011 - 2012

The National Environmental Awareness Campaign 2011-2012 was conducted by Foundation of His Sacred Majesty on 24.04.2012 in Kolli Hills, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu. FHSM executed both the programs as proposed in the project by CPRAF as per the guidelines of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India. FHSM implemented both Awareness Program as well as Action Program with the help of Government officials, Schools, Tribal women and Children. The program first started with rally by tribal school children of GTR Government School with the help of teachers and head master. Experts from M.S.Swaminathan Foundation were the key resource persons for the sessions. After the sessions, seeds and seedlings were distributed to tribal school children, SHG women and farmers for developing trees and medicinal plants in their local areas and increase the population of trees in Kolli hills.

The following are the major benefits of the program:

  • Self-actualization on protection of forest and its resources
  • Relevance of growing more trees contributing to the globe on climate change
  • Growing more local based medicinal plants and developing village registers on flora and fauna
  • Need for developing alternative sources and renewable energy for domestic purpose
  • Developing medicinal plants as kitchen garden concept
  • Relevance of sacred groves, and ways to protect it
  • Developing seed banks for tribal communities
  • Developing projects on alternative medicines through locally available herbs

Awareness on millet products and eco-friendly products

Awareness on organic & sustainable farm practices

Awareness on waste land development program & watershed management

Wed, 16th Jan @ Chennai
FHSM meets with Walter Hahn from the German Dalit solidarity platform DSiD to discuss potential cooperation.

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