Emperor Asoka is known as Piyadasi (in Pali) or Priyadarshi (in Sanskrit) meaning “He who regards everyone with affection". All his inscriptions have the imperial touch and show compassionate loving. He addressed his people as his "children".

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Governing Body Members

The governing body consists of 13 members who are working dedicatedly towards the achievement of our mission and passionate to contribute their effort in developmental sector.


Dr. Kavita Jangam, President
Dr. Kavita, President, FHSM, is a psychiatric social worker holding a doctorate in psychiatry social work from National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences, Bangalore, India. She is member of International Society on Prevention of Child Abuse and Maltreatment (ISPCAN), and Indian Society of Professional social workers. Her research contributions are “Health correlates of disaster affected disability”, thesis submitted as a partial fulfillment for the M. A. Social Work, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai; “Psychosocial needs assessments in casualty and emergency set up” thesis submitted as a partial fulfillment for the M. Phil in Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore; “ Psychosocial wellbeing of sexually abused adolescent girls: Group work intervention study” Ph. D Thesis submitted to Dept of Psychiatric Social Work, NIMHANS, Bangalore; and Research work on “Psychosocial needs of commercial sex workers” with the NGO Swastik, Bangalore. She is a resource person for child sexual abuse, mental illness, de-addiction, post-trauma stress disorder, life skill education, adolescent development, disability, and effective parenting. Presented paper titled “Sexually Abused Institutionalized Adolescents: Indicators for Multidimensional Interventions” in 8th ISPCAN Asia Pacific Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect held in Perth, Australia.

Ms. Dhanalakshmi Rangasamy, Vice President
Ms. Dhanalakshmi, Vice President, FHSM, is a psychologist holding Master’s in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work, Chennai, India. She also holds a Diploma Course in Remedial Teacher Training in Learning Disability. Her academic contributions include A Study on Psycho-Social Implications of Teenage Pregnancy submitted to Madras School of Social Work; Case study among the Special Children with various Childhood Disorders; and contributed brainstorming ideas in National Conference on Pediatric NeuroPsychology conducted by Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital, International Conference on Schizophrenia Conducted by SCARF, Project Formulation and Managerial Skills Conducted by RUHSA Department, CMC, Vellore; and undertook several pioneering sessions on learning disability, activity based learning, and early childhood development. Her expertise in social work include special education and children, mental illness, community mental health, psycho-social assessment during emergency, dyslexia, pediatric neuro-psychology, and ABL.

Mr. Gauthama Prabhu Nagappan, Secretary & Executive Director
Mr. Gauthama Prabhu, Secretary & Executive Director, FHSM, is a young social activist holding master’s in social work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. An expert in the field of women empowerment, disaster management, child protection, micro finance/credit, sustainable livelihood, environment, youth development, and rights based issues. Served with CAPART (Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India) for three years during the period when Tsunami relief operations were underway in Nagapattinam district, Tamil Nadu. Worked as National Coordinator, Human Rights Law Network, and Corporate Social Responsibility officer for Anand Group of Companies, Gurgaon and Larsen & Toubro, Chennai. Founder of VIHARA, a Buddhist based organisation. During his post-graduation, he volunteered in Bhuj – Gujarat Earthquake 2001 for Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan, and for Narmada Bachavo Andolan as an activist. Founder of Bahujan Students Network which was established among social work students in Mumbai, India. Founder of AMMAN (Academy for Medication and Motivation for Advancement of the Needy), a network of organizations working for rights of Dalits, tribal, children and women. Engaged actively with Dr.Ambedkar Youth Movement on Dalit right and Tribal rights.

Mr. Oliver Balagadoss, Joint Secretary
Mr. Oilver Balagadoss, Joint Secretary, FHSM, a young social worker holding Masters in Social Work from Loyola College, Chennai. Actively participated in Bihar Floods and established relief centres for Association for India’s Development, India. His expertise in social development involve staff training, non-formal education, disaster management, monitoring and evaluation, study centre development, strategic planning for FHSM, school appraisals, village education database management, networking with other NGOs and institutions. His master’s dissertation include A study on ‘Socio-Economic Conditions of Fishermen at Patinapakkam’ at Chennai in 2007 submitted to Loyola College, Chennai, and a study on ‘Early Childhood Care and Development among Narikuravar (Gypsy) Community at Avadi’, Chennai in 2008 submitted to Loyola College, Chennai

Mr. Sethuram Perumal, Treasurer
Mr. Sethuram, Treasurer, FHSM, is a philanthropist and an engineer who volunteers to the activities of FHSM. He by profession is a businessman based at Chennai Port Trust undertaking consignments on export and import trade. He is also the financial head of FHSM undertaking periodical assessment on income and expenditure, receipts and payments, and balance sheet of FHSM. He is jointly responsible for operating bank accounts and financial records of FHSM along with the secretary.

Mrs. Priya Swamy, Member
Ms.Priya Swamy, member, FHSM holds a bachelor degree in statistics. She is extremely resourceful for FHSM, and represents at the international level as International Coordinator for FHSM. She has been actively involved in fundraising initiatives for FHSM activities through friends in California and New Jersey. Altogether, she has 7 years of work experience in the voluntary sector. Currently, she is volunteering in special school Franklin-McKinley School District, Sanjose, California. Her expertise in the field of social work include resource mobilization, networking with philanthropists, web updates, staff development, monitoring and evaluation of social projects, and special children. She is also a recognized panelist in recruitment boards on para-educators, speech therapist, and ABA therapist. Her training expertise includes autism awareness, early childhood development, speech development, sensory interrogation, occupational therapy, and play based activities.

Mr. Alwin Leone Das, Member
Mr. Alwin, member, FHSM is an active member who holds Master’s degree in Social Work from Loyola College, Chennai. He has multiple experiences in the field of community health, youth development, livelihood programs, environment, and education.

Ms. Thamilarasi Srinivasan, Member
Ms.Thamilarasi Srinivasan, Vice President, FHSM, is a psychologist holding Master’s of science in Applied Psychology with specialisation in counselling and psychotherapy from women’s Christian College, Chennai, India. She also holds Diploma in Remedial Teacher Training, and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Teacher Training. She is an expert in the field of child development, special children, children at risk, parent counseling, developing training curriculum, assessment studies on children with learning disabilities, stress and anger management, yoga, post-trauma stress disorder, and in youth leadership. Her expert contributions include in the workshop on ‘Impact of tsunami on the lives of children’ conducted by the Indian council for child welfare, Tamil Nadu, International Conference on Neurosciences and Rehabilitation by the world Federation For Neuro-rehabilitation; Madras Dyslexia Association on Learning Disabilities; and Media and mental illness Conducted as a part of International Conference by Schizophrenia

Wed, 16th Jan @ Chennai
FHSM meets with Walter Hahn from the German Dalit solidarity platform DSiD to discuss potential cooperation.

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